The History of Elac
The History of Elac

The History of Elac

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ELAC history


The company Electroacustic GmbH is founded on 1 September 1926 in Kiel. The company's focus is on the development of sonar technology and the research of signal and sound channels in air and water.



After the end of World War II, production is converted to urgently-needed consumer goods. The Kiel-based company builds sewing machines and car components, with just 248 of its former 5,000 employees. A product manufactured by ELAC for Siemens sets the trend for the future: a radio set. The first step on its successful journey into consumer electronics.



The first ELAC turntable, the record changer PW 1 is launched on 14 December 1948. It is the foundation for ELAC's later market leadership in the field of record players.



The company is once again allowed to carry out work in the nautical sector, for the first time since the World War II. The hifi and nautical divisions are developed simultaneously.

In the decades to follow ELAC becomes a world renowned brand in the field of consumer electronics and one of the leading manufacturers of record players. In the nineteen seventies ELAC introduces famous brands like Sony, Fisher and Nakamichi to the German market by becoming the exclusive distributor for these brands.



ELAC presents the iconic flip-clock-radio RD 100. 


John & Partner Vetriebsgesellschaft mbH, a Munich-based marketing and distribution company for high-quality HiFi products takes over the marketing and distribution of ELAC's hifi products. ELAC Phonosysteme GmbH focuses now on research, development and production.



ELAC starts designing loudspeakers. The company AXIOM Elektroakustik GmbH, a speaker specialist from the Taunus area near Frankfurt, in which John & Partner have since acquired shares, is integrated into ELAC.




Thanks to the development of the omnidirectional emitting 4Pi tweeter ELAC is able to make the leap into the world elite of speaker manufacturers.




ELAC takes over the J.E.T. tweeter system from the Berlin speaker company A.R.E.S.. Over the years this unit is fundamentally re-engineered on an acoustic level and its production methods are optimized. It rises to the "JET" trade mark and becomes a unique feature for many ELAC products.



ELAC ceases the production of phono cartridges. Ever since the company exclusively manufactures loudspeakers innovative drivers such as tweeters, woofers, mid-range speakers and coaxial drivers. In the meantime ELAC has received numerous awards for its innovative products and environmentally-friendly management system (1996).



The distribution company John & Partner Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH merges with the development and production company ELAC Phonosysteme GmbH. They adopt the name ELAC Electroacustic GmbH, rich in tradition from the time when the company was originally founded back in 1926. ELAC expands the vertical integration of its production. Magnets are now produced in house, expanding the possibilities for transducer technology.



JET Roboter

SCARA robots are deployed in the assembly of JET tweeters for the first time, facilitating not only the highest level of precision, but also larger production quantities. ELAC simultaneously develops highly-performance exciters, opening up new possibilities in OEM custom install and automotive engineering.




JET experiences a technological quantum leap. It sets new standards in the world of HiFi systems in the form of the JET III.




ELAC couples the JET tweeter with a mid-range speaker to form a unique transducer system. An acoustic milestone by the name of X-JET.



At the same time, LLD (Long Linear Drive) bass drivers also help improve audio at low frequencies. The legendary 600 Series with hybrid aluminium / MDF cabinets proves a sensational hit. 


Kristall TT

ELAC's transducers move into the OEM automobile sector, with leading German sports car manufacturers opting for ELAC. The "crystal" woofers (CE edition) improve the bass performance of ELAC speakers even further.




ELAC presents the first adjustable coaxial speaker unit. The VX-JET combines the highest acoustic quality with the ability to adjust the speaker to individually accommodate any type of room and resulting acoustic challenges.




ELAC officially announces a further milestone in the development of the company on 1 September at IFA in Berlin: the systematic reorientation of the company. ELAC acquires a modern image and a new marketing and distribution strategy. Even more so than before, the focus is on customers and their personal experience with ELAC speakers. 

Product of the Year

There's no limit for the success of the FS 509 VX-JET. The highly acclaimed floorstander received many important awards. 


Wireless Stereo

Wireless technology makes its way into ELAC active products. The standard ELAC Wireless Stereo Set offers wireless connectivity for many models.


MicroSUB 2010.2

The world’s smallest hi-fi subwoofer?
Packed with integrated DSP technology and a wealth of connectivity options, the second generation of the successful MicroSUB is launched.




It takes courage and persistence to take a proven innovation and make it even better. The new JET 5 proves that it’s worth the effort.



AIR-X System

This is wireless audio redefined to the highest standard, with ultra-precise DSP technology matched with classic analog amplification in the AIR-X AMP to deliver an unrivaled listening experience - ELAC AIR-X.





Mission statement

Anniversary Set

Passion for music - ELAC brings it to life.


Audio fascination


Listen to tranquillity. See with closed eyes. Become one with the music. Have the best seat in the concert hall. Front row tickets. Feel the music. Totally  immerse yourself in it. Share our fascination with sound - ELAC.



Paar auf Sofa

Music makes us feel truly alive. Music brings back memories. Music uplifts and exhilarates us. It can comfort and relax us. We know that and feel the same way. That's why we build our speakers to please, not to profit. We have the right choice for everybody.


Passion for quality

X-JET Montage

Finest German Engineering - call us  conservative, but quality is more than just a word to us. It is our passion. That is why no speaker leaves the ELAC factory without thorough German approval.


Proprietary Technologies

FS 509

One does not have to talk about technology leadership, you simply have to hear it. ELAC products have won a considerable number of awards worldwide, and for good reasons. Whether it is our Jet Tweeter or bass driver with crystal membrane, in every ELAC loudspeaker you will find the knowledge and skill of our experienced German engineers.



Anniversary Set schwarz

Ever since our company was founded, we have sought to achieve the very best. This holds true as much today.


ELAC Moments


The music provided by ELAC loudspeakers shapes unique moments, creates fascination and leaves a lasting impression.





X-JET Montage

X-JET assembly

Manual dexterity, ingenuity, an eye for quality, short routes, high vertical integration - all this under one roof.



ELAC 301.2

Successful on the world market, ELAC's home is in Kiel, Germany. 


ELAC 301.2

Personal and trustful interaction with colleagues and customers is what characterizes ELAC. 


4 Pi neodymium magnet system

Self-initiative and self-responsibility are very important for us, as we don't think much of rigid hierarchies. 


End assembly line loudspeaker

We ask all of our employees to take matters into their own hands. 


Bobbin winder

Whether it's management, development, construction, production, ...



X-JET assembly line

... purchasing, sales, marketing, distribution, ...



Cross-Frame-Hybrid cabinet

... service or management ... 


Loudspeaker assembly jig

we utilize our professionalism and passion. And that results in a better product every step of the way.

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