Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable
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Teac TN-550 Analog Turntable

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Analog Turntable Brand New


High-grade turntable that combines style with excellent performance,including a Dual-material Chassis and “PRS3”.

The TEAC TN-550 has been awarded Product of the Year by Everything Audio Network

The TN-550 is an upper-class turntable designed with the concept of combining high style with excellent performance as an analog turntable. The TN-550 provides virtue of analog sound in the highest standard for audiophile who have loved it for decades. 

The cabinet combines artificial marble with high-density MDF in a two-layer sandwich structure (Dual-material Chassis). In addition to assuring a high feedback margin, this design realizes clear sound by abating the inherent resonant frequencies of different materials by combining them. The power train employs a belt drive with an automatic rotation adjustment mechanism (Platter Rotation Speed Servo System, or "PRS3") designed by TEAC. Changes in the platter rotation speed are immediately detected by an optical sensor and used as feedback for the motor speed. This allows high-precision rotation speed that can compete with heavyweight-class belt drive and direct drive systems, while allowing a sleek and stylish cabinet design. 

No compromises, however, the TN-550 have been made in the design of the basic performance of the analog components for matured audiophie.

High-precision Rotation Speed that compares to Direct-drive

Cogging-free Belt-drive with Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (PRS3)

This drive system employs a new PRS3 (Platter Rotation Speed Servo System) that detects insensible changes of the platter rotation speed by a contactless optical sensor settled at the spindle base, and controls motor speed after calculation by an on-board microcomputer. It realizes a Belt-drive mechanism with higher precision that is not outdone by Direct-drive turntables. The TN-550 achieved both sleek design and cogging-free rotation precision that compares to a Direct-drive.


此驱动系统,采用全新的PRS3 (Platter Rotation Speed Servo System),通过使用转盘底部的无接点光纤传感器,侦测不易察觉的转盘转速改变,并且通过微处理器的计算控制马达速度,实现了更高准度的皮带驱动机构,能与直接驱动系统相比毫不逊色。TN-570实现了时尚流线型设计与无齿轮的转速准度,与直接驱动系统互相比拟。

What is Cogging?

Cogging is a phenomenon in which the periodic attraction of the armature and rotor inside the motor is dependent on the rotation angle, resulting in a fine pulsing. For example, if you turn the axle of a motor with your fingers, you'll feel the rotation occurring in steps. This phenomenon is cogging.
In order to eliminate the cogging on the Direct-drive turntable, it requires a large numbers of poles in a motor, and complex circuits and mechanism to achieve smooth rotation. As a result, the drive unit itself must be huge, and this prevents making the cabinet sleek and elegant.



Electrical-controlled Speed Selector

The speed selector employs an electronically-controlled speed changing mechanism between 33-1/3 rpm and 45 rpm, which does not require bothersome processes of changing the pulley to another one with different diameter.

Not only speed selector knob, an EP adapter employs a machined aluminum knob for prestigious feeling.


速度选择钮采用电动控制速度变化机构,介于33-1/3 rpm及45rpm,不需更换不同直径的滑轮如此繁杂的程序。


Clear Acrylic Platter that merges elegance with silence

The 16mm-thick full-size platter made of acrylic resin with high transparency, shines beautifully, reflecting the surroundings according to the light level suppresses unwanted sympathetic vibrations. Together with the pattern of the artificial marble, it presents a unique elegance.



High-precision Spindle and Anti-static Carbon-coated Base

By applying carbon coating to the spindle bearing, hardness is increased and electrification is controlled, providing excellent static electricity performance.



Large Torque Motor with a floating structure

Employing a rubber cushion, a large torque motor is settled to float when attached to the chassis. This suppresses the transmission of vibrations from the motor to the chassis.



Flat-type Belt

A flat belt is employed to reliably transmit energy to the motor drive. A urethane flat belt that has little stretch is employed to reliably drive the acrylic platter. It is also very quiet and provides excellent durability.



Chassis with Dual Layer structure realizes both weight and style

The cabinet employs artificial marble with high-density MDF. By combining different materials in a two-layer structure, this design abates their inherent resonant frequencies and realizes a clear sound, allowing the artists voices, which are inscribed in the grooves of the record, to come out vividly.
The artificial marble not only contributes to the elegant appearance, it is also excellent in terms of weight, allowing the turntable to realize a heaviness of about 9 kg while retaining a slim and stylish form. While it has a rigid structure, it is also able to assure a high feedback margin.



Honeycomb-shaped Bottom Case

The bottom cover employs a honeycomb pattern that prevents unwanted sympathetic vibrations. The thin bottom cover, which melds into the stylish design, uses a honeycomb structure for the interior to prevent unwanted sympathetic vibrations.



Height Adjustable Feet

The four machined aluminum feet can have their heights adjusted independently. This allows the turntable to be set up on surfaces that are not flat. In addition, rubber with excellent cushioning is used between where the feet are installed and the body of the unit to suppress the feedback of sound to the cabinet.



Newly designed Tone-arm with Anti-skating Mechanism

The static-balanced S-shaped tone-arm features high flexibility. You can adjust the tone-arm height optimally for the shell and cartridge you are using. Also, a high-quality PC-Triple C* conductor cables are employed for the tone-arm cable, so that the phono signal captured by the needle from the delicate vinyl record is transmitted with pure quality.


静电平衡式S型唱臂有相当高的弹性,您可以为您所使用的唱头壳与唱针调整唱臂到最佳的高度,另外,唱臂线使用高质量的PC-Triple C*导体电线,所以黑胶唱盘上唱针所抓到的唱头放大信号,能以最纯净的质量进行传输。

What is PC-Triple C?

PC-Triple C stands for "Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction" allows signals to flow smoothly by eliminating signal obstructions. With high conductivity and excellent sound characteristics, this new material is expected to become a replacement for PCOCC. (Made in Japan by FCM, a subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)

甚麼是PC-Triple C?

PC-Triple C也就是「Pure Copper-Continues Crystal Construction」,通过刪除信号障碍,让信号顺畅地流动,拥有高导电率与完美的声音特性,此全新的材质将能够取代PCOCC。(由日本FCM制造,FCM為古河电气工业的子公司。)

Gold-plated RCA Pin jacks for Phono Audio Output

A pair of RCA Pin jacks are employed on the back panel to deliver Phono level output.

 MM-type Cartridges by audio-technica (except TN-550-CA)

An MM-type cartridge equivalent to audio-technica AT100E is already installed at the factory, as the universal type head-shell employs PC-Triple C wiring for pure signal travel.

Detachable Dust Cover

By removing the dust cover from the unit, you and your guests will enjoy to see how music revives from vinyl record.



Optional Turntable sheet made of Japanese "WASHI" paper sold separately

Turntable sheets are typically made of silicon rubber, felt or cork, for example. As result of investigating various materials, however, we concluded that Japanese paper "WASHI" is suitable in terms of both design and performance. This is the first time that WASHI, which has good vibration suppression and static electricity resistance as well as great style, has been employed for turntable sheets.
SKU: TA-TS30UN-BW (Sold separately)


转盘纸通常是由硅胶、毛毡或软木制成,研究各种材料之后,我们作出这样的结论:无论是设计还是性能来说,日本的「和纸」非常适用。和纸拥有相当棒的抑制振动及抗静电能力,同时拥有美丽的外观,这是第一次和纸用来制作唱盘纸。SKU: TA-TS30UN-BW (另外选购)




Turntable section  
Type Belt Drive
Motor DC Motor
SPeed 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm
Servo System PRS3 (Platter Rotation Speed Servo System)
Rotation Detection Precision less than +/–0.05% (at 33-1/3 rpm)
Wow and Flutters 0.1%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio more than 67dB (A-weighted, 20kHz LPF)
Platter Material Acrylic
Platter Size Full-size (300mm diameter, 16mm thickness)
Platter Weight approx. 1.4kg / 3.1 lbs.
Tone-arm section  
Type Static Balanced S-shape Tone-arm (Height Adjustable)
Effective Arm Lenght 223mm
Over-hang 18mm
Tracking Error less than 3 degrees
Stylus Pressure Range 0 to 5g
Supported Cartridge Weight 15 to 23g(incl. Headshell)
Height Adjust Range approx. 6mm
Anti-skating Adjustent Supported
Cartridge section (except TN-550-CA)
Type MM-type (equivalent to audio-technica AT100E)
Output Voltage 4.5mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
Stylus Pressure 1.4g +/–0.4g
Cartridge Weight 6.5g +/-0.2g
Headshell Weight 10g (incl. Screw, Nuts and Wires)
Analog Output  
Connector RCA Pin x 1pair (gold-plated)
Output Voltage 4.5mV (+/-3dB)
Operation Power AC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5W (0.5W at Standby)
Overall Dimensions 430 x 131.5 x 355mm / 16.9" x 5.2" x 14.0 (W x H x D, incl. protrusions)
Weight approx. 9.0kg / 19.9 lbs.
Accessories AC Adapter (GPE053A-120050-Z), EP Adapter, Counter Weight, Head-shell, Cartridge (except. Canada model), Acrylic Platter, Dust Cover, Hinges x 2, Pulley Cover, Flat Belt, Washers x 4, Hex Wrench, RCA Audio Cable with GND terminals, Owner's Manual (incl. Warranty card)

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