Paradigm Defiance V8 8
Paradigm Defiance V8 8
Paradigm Defiance V8 8
Paradigm Defiance V8 8
Paradigm Defiance V8 8

Paradigm Defiance V8 8" Powered Subwoofer (PL)

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Paradigm Defiance V8 8" Powered Subwoofer
Used In Excellent Condition
Without Grille

Paradigm Defiance V8

All Performance. No Gimmicks.

For intense bass performance with no gimmicks, Defiance V8 / V10 / V12 subwoofers are an amazing value. Smaller footprints pack tons of technology into a compact powerhouse of low frequency impact. Pound for ground-shaking pound, Defiance V delivers the best bass at an unbeatable value.

Patented Active Ridge Technology (ART™)

The farther the driver can freely move, the deeper the bass it can generate. Patented* ART driver design “overmolds” durable driver surrounds to allow the farthest possible throw without distortion or destruction. Greater excursion results in a measured 3dB gain in output, with a 50% reduction in audible distortion compared to drivers held back by standard surrounds.

* US patents: D654,4795 and 8,340,340B2.
Only available on Defiance X15, X12, and X10

Optional Wireless Module

Place your subwoofer anywhere in your room, with no inconvenient cabling, and without sacrificing speed or performance. The Defiance WT Wireless Module* (sold separately)features fast and clear 2.4 GHz dynamic frequency selection with instant error correction and a 50ft range.

* Not available on Defiance V8

Defiance V8 Specifications


8" Driver, 75W RMS (150W Dynamic Peak), Class-D™ power amplifier


150 watts Dynamic Peak; 75 watts RMS

Amplifier Features

Auto-On / Off, improved soft-clipping circuitry

Frequency Response

±3 dB from 34Hz – 200Hz

Low Pass Filter Frequency

Variable 35 Hz - 120 Hz; Bypass Option

Low Frequency Driver

8" (210mm) carbon-loaded polypropylene cone

Low Frequency Extension

28 Hz (DIN)

Sub / Sat Phase Alignment

Variable select 0° or 180° via panel switch

Room / Anechoic

100mV mono (max. volume) /


RCA: 8.3k ohms


Satin Black


Two RCA (Left and Right/LFE) for left/right lineout or Sub-Out from receiver/processor or other line-level source
Two Speaker Level (Left and Right) for input from amplifier or other speaker level source

26.5 lbs. (12.05 kg)


14.19" × 12.76 × 13.36"
(36cm × 32.5 × 34cm)

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