Furutech Evolution Audio II RCA High Performance Audio Interconnect
Furutech Evolution Audio II RCA High Performance Audio Interconnect
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Furutech Evolution Audio II RCA High Performance Audio Interconnect

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High Performance Audio Interconnect

Evolution Audio II RCA
High Performance Audio Interconnect





Updated Evolution II Audio Cables
Pure Transmission Performance for Value Conscious Audiophiles 

Furutech’s Evolution Series was awarded The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award in both 2007 and 2008


High Performance Addiction • Audiophiles Want What They Need
All enthusiasts are looking for the same things: Verisimilitude, a sense of engagement promoting suspension of disbelief, a veritable immersion in audio and video experience. To detach without effort from modern time’s exigencies requires meticulous preparation of the entire playback chain, especially cables, power cords and AC distribution. 

Evolution II, an update of the extremely well received Evolution series, incorporates newly-engineered anti-resonance cable clamps as well as an upgraded dielectric/insulation of RoHS-compliant Pb-free PVC incorporating anti-resonance carbon particles in its manufacture. Our Pure Transmission philosophy 
incorporates rhodium-plated pure copper conductors, even the IEC connectors of the Evolution II power cord. No detail too small, every element of signal and power transmission engineered to within an inch of its life, treated with advanced processes, and turned out with beautiful design and build quality to enrich every music experience.

・High performance beautifully engineered gold-plated RCA connectors [FP-110 (G)] .
・RCA center pin 24k gold-plated nonmagnetic α (Alpha)-OCC conductor with Teflon dielectric
・RCA connector backbone composed of nonmagnetic 24k gold-plated eutectic cast copper alloy with beautifully finished nonmagnetic copper alloy outer locking shell
・Shield 1 0.12 mm α (Alpha) conductor wire braid
・Cable insulated with polypropylene reducing capacitance and damping vibration
・Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare

α (Alpha) Conductor Is Composed Of Fine OCC Wire Strands
Treated With Furutech’s α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process

・ α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor wires are treated with the FURUTECH α(Alpha) to minimize transmission loss.
・Finished with High Performance FP-110 (G) RCA or FP-701M(G)/702F(G) XLR Connectors.
・FP-110 (G) non-magnetic 24k Gold Plated PCOCC central pin with dielectric Teflon. Body made using non-magnetic 24k Gold Plated Eutectic cast Brass. Non-magnetic Brass Housing (Black).
・Shielded with 0.12 mm α(Alpha) conductor wire Braid realizing superior noise isolation. 
・Insulated with high quality Polypropylene which contributes to a reduction in capacitance.

“… wholeheartedly recommend these cables to someone looking for more from their present system.”
-- Brett Rudolf EnjoyTheMusic.com

“Furutech’s cables offer great transparency and purity, plus an uncanny ability to block out noise and grunge.”
-- Chris Martens The Absolute Sound

Evolution Audio (Type: 超平衡式导线)


* 中心导体OCC经过FURUTECHα(Alpha)处理,达成最小的传输损耗。
* 使用 FURUTECH Audio Grade FP-110 (G) RCA 头.
* RCA 中心导体经过 α(Alpha)处理及 24K 无磁镀金处理,铁弗龙绝缘.
本体以24K 无磁镀金处理,外壳为铜质、无磁黑色电镀处理。* 隔离网为α(Alpha) 导体, 0.12 线径编织网,以为超高频噪声隔离之用。 
* 超薄壁硬质Polypropylene隔离层能降低电容值.
* FURUTECH Reference 系列和Evolution系列所有的导线均经过FURUTECH「α」超低温炼制处理;可以消除金属结晶间的内应力及磁性干扰, 将讯号传导的损耗降到最低的程度。


・Conductor:α(Alpha) conductor (80 pcs/0.18 mm),Diameter:1.86 mm
・Insulation:Polypropylene (Red, White) ,Diameter:2.46 mm
・Twisting:2 Cores Twisted Together with Cotton Yarn.
・Barrier Layer:Non-woven Fabric(Warp), Diameter:5.0 mm Approx.
・Shield:α(Alpha) conductor 0.12 mm Braid, Diameter:6.0 mm Approx.
・Sheath: Flexible PVC (Dark Green), Diameter:9.0 mm
・Jacket:Nylon Yarn Braid, Diameter:10.0 mm Approx.

Electrical Properties of Cable / Test Method

・Max. Conductor Resistance 10.0 Ω/km,JISC3005 4.4 20℃
・Min. Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ‧km,JISC3005 4.7.1 20℃
・Dielectric Strength AC. 500 V/1 min.,JISC3005 4.6 a
・Electrostatic Capacitance Approx 42 PF/m,at 1 KHz
・Characteristic Impedance Approx 120 Ω,at 100 KHz

* 导体:α(Alpha) 导体(30 pcs/0.18 mm),线径:1.86 mm
* 绝缘层:Polypropylene (Red, White) ,外径:2.46 mm
* 编织:2股对绞混入棉纱
* 隔离层:不织布编织物包裹, 外径:5.0 mm Approx.
* 隔离网:α(Alpha)导体 0.12 mm 编织网, 外径:6.0 mm Approx.
* 被覆: 可挠性 PVC (墨绿), 外径:9.0 mm
* 表层:尼龙编织网, 外径:10.0 mm Approx.

线材电气特性 Test Method
* 最大导体阻抗 10.0 Ω/km JISC3005 4.4 20℃
* 最小绝缘阻抗 1000 MΩ&/km JISC3005 4.7.1 20℃
* 绝缘强度 AC. 500 V/1 min. JISC3005 4.6 a
* 静电容量 Approx 42 PF/m at 1 KHz
* 特性阻抗 Approx 120 Ω at 100 KHz

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