Earthquake FF12 12
Earthquake FF12 12
Earthquake FF12 12
Earthquake FF12 12

Earthquake FF12 12" Powered Subwoofer (PL)

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Earthquake FF12 Subwoofer, Used In Excellent Condition

Earthquake FF12

Earthquake's FF12 subwoofer system was originally designed to offer consumers with budget and volume optimized subwoofer system solutions.

Now on its second generation, the FF12 subwoofers still score high marks with custom home installers as they work fantastically in front firing applications.

Earthquake FF12具备了一个优质超低音喇叭的特质,它拥有大尺寸的超低音单元以及倒相孔,而且内置了一个400W的功率放大器,即使面对突如其来的低频爆发效果,仍然在掌握之内,对于大面积的视听空间FF12又能产生足够的低频能量,再加上吸引的价格,FF12可以在您的家庭影院系统中独当一面。


  • Front firing design with small footprint
  • Single slot front mounted port for optimized bass output (first generation has dual round ports)
  • Built in 400-Watt Class "A/B" high efficiency power amplifier
  • 24dB/Octave variable filter from 40 Hz to 180 Hz
  • Front mounted volume control
  • Automatic signal detection circuitry
  • Status LED indicators
  • Low level (RCA) audio inputs
  • Line through (RCA) audio outputs 
  • High level (high level) audio inputs
  • Line through (high level) audio output
  • 0 - 180° phase shift

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