Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player Made in England ( DU )
Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player Made in England ( DU )
Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player Made in England ( DU )
Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player Made in England ( DU )
Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player Made in England ( DU )
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Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player Made in England ( DU )

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CD Player Made in England, Showroom Display Unit

What Hi Fi 5 Stars Award

Cyrus CD8SE2 CD Player 

The Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player incorporates the same low-contact precision slot loading CD drive as the Cyrus CD Xt SE transport. The Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player also benefits from our latest Servo Evolution optical data control systems that greatly improve the integrity of the data we read from the CD. Internally the power supply design features twin, custom made, transformers each feeding individual highly regulated power supplies which in turn feed the 11 separate sections of the player.

The new Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player builds on the design features established by the award-winning Cyrus CD8SE, by adding further enhancements made available by the technology of the high-end DAC X D/A Converter. Also the Servo Evolution circuitry and our precision slot-loading CD drive help to make this our best integrated CD player yet. Powered by twin toroidal power transformers, an extensive array of selected reservoir capacitors and a bank of power regulators, the new Servo Evolution stage takes the audio performance of the Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player to a new level for a single box Cyrus CD player. The CD 8 SE is included in the established Cyrus program for product upgrades and is PSX-R compatible. CD6(s) and CD8 owners can also return their players to the Cyrus factory for an upgrade to full CD 8 SE specification.

The Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player 's outstanding performance can be expanded further by adding a Cyrus PSX-R power supply, which will help reveal subtle details within the recording; this has to be heard to be full appreciated. When used as an integrated CD player the specially developed DAC circuitry provides outstanding performance. When partnered with our optional DAC X component, the Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player then operates as a CD transport. Returning the CD 8 SE to Cyrus for upgrade to the dedicated CD transport, CD Xt SE, allows you to move up to one of the finest CD systems in the world. However configured, this player will produce stunning performance and, with the right speakers, an almost holographic 3D image. Cyrus' CD platform is a valuable example of Cyrus' upgrade philosophy. Our systems are designed to grow with our customer's enthusiasm for musical advancement and through a series of affordable upgrades, all the way up, to the ultimate X series.

Packed into the stylish, compact chassis of the Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player are two completely separate toroidal power transformers. One transformer has two entirely separate secondary windings dedicated to feeding the electronics of the disc-reading mechanism and the current hungry motors. The second power transformer, also with two windings, is dedicated to supplying DAC & filter stages. The transformer pair are housed in the forward section of the chassis to minimise interaction with the sensitive analogue output stage. In true Cyrus style the PSX-R power supply may also be connected to further refine the power supply system and take over power supply to the motors.

The unique MC-Bus connectivity of the Cyrus CD8 SE 2010 CD Player is in keeping with the total system approach of the Cyrus range of products. This facility enhances ergonomic operation of the unit in a system context. Total automation of the test, alignment and calibration of the CD 8 SE is facilitated via the MC-Bus during its manufacturing process, eliminating potential human error

Signal to noise ratio
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
Frequency Response 1
20Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic Range
>100 dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Digital Output
Coax & Opt SPDIF
Channel Separation CD
Audio Output
2.1V rms
Clock Jitter
Power Consumption

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