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Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) Series 1 Network Music Player/Streamer With WiFi Dongle

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RM 4,999.00
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Series 1 Network Music Player/Streamer With WiFi Dongle Brand New
What Hi Fi Award Winner
Color : Silver

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Cambridge Audio CXN Network Music Player/Streamer

Network Player

Ultimate digital convenience and quality. Built on our multi award-winning StreamMagic streaming platform, it gives you seamless access to your complete digital library, Spotify Connect and internet radio and then plays it all back exactly as it was originally made to be heard thanks to our own upsampling technology.




Almost 50 years of hi-fi expertise goes into every single one of our products to ensure they sound spot on - the CXN is no different hence why it’s the best sounding streamer around.

Your music will be passed through our unique ATF2 upsampling technology (read more on this wizardry here) and then through dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs (very premium digital to analogue converters).

Essentially all signals are upscaled to a hi-res 24bit/384kHz format using polynomial curve fitting interpolation. Every song has even more acute detail and warm depth, so you’ll be able to enjoy musical nuances that you’ve never heard before in songs that you’ve heard a thousand times.

Our engineers also spent hours tuning the CXN the old school way, by ear, which we believe is the only way to achieve a sound quality that genuinely moves you.



数字输入升频至24位/384 kHz,通过双Wolfson WM8740 24位数模转换器,从中提取至臻细节。得益于数字输入,您的其他数字音源也将获得提升。这款网络播放器展现音乐的本来面目,令您对网络播放器完全改观。


We wanted to design a product that allows you to play any song in the world from any device.

It’s a long list, but it basically means the CXN will play anything you want and thanks to its huge processing power and slick functionality from our award winning StreamMagic platform, it doesn’t make a fuss of it or skip a single beat, it just plays your music instantly.

We’ve included; Spotify Connect, Airplay, Internet Radio, NAS Drive/ UPnP compatibility, asynchronous USB, Coax and TOSLINK digital inputs, DSD64 support and AptX Bluetooth (with added BT100 receiver).


CXN可通过多种方式进行连接——Wi-Fi、USB接口、S/PDIF同轴及光纤输入,配合蓝牙;此外,您还可选择添加BT100接收器。此系列还可兼容各种不同文件格式。如此一来,CXN可以播放来自Spotify Connect、iOS设备(通过Airplay)、互联网广播及个人网络附加存储驱动器或通用即插即用服务器的音乐。


There’s a lovely big colour screen on the front so you can always see the album artwork and commands that you’re sending to the unit. To make control as seamless as possible, we’ve built our own app – Cambridge Connect.

Whether it’s flicking through albums, building playlists or setting presets, the app allows simple and intuitive browsing of all the connected sources from the comfort of your chair.

We’ve completely removed any obstructions or complicated menus between you and your favourite music, leaving the CXN simply as a catalyst to an incredible listening experience.


CXN可通过多种方式进行连接——Wi-Fi、USB接口、S/PDIF同轴及光纤输入,配合蓝牙;此外,您还可选择添加BT100接收器。此系列还可兼容各种不同文件格式。如此一来,CXN可以播放来自Spotify Connect、iOS设备(通过Airplay)、互联网广播及个人网络附加存储驱动器或通用即插即用服务器的音乐。

Dual Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DACs

2nd Generation ATF2 up-sampling to 24-bit/384kHz

2-Pole Dual Differential Bessel

USB Type B conforms to USB Audio profile 1.0 or 2.0 (user selectable)

S/PDIF Coaxial and TOSLINK Optical

Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analogue

S/PDIF Coaxial and TOSLINK Optical

UPnP, Local USB media, USB audio 1.0 and 2.0, S/PDIF Toslink and Coaxial, Airplay, BT100 Bluetooth receiver (not supplied), Internet radio, Spotify Connect




Maximum including sockets and controls: 85 x 430 x 305mm (3.4 x 16.9 x 12.2")

3.5Kg (7.7lbs)


Cambridge Audio CXN review

Product of the Year, Awards 2016. Cambridge Audio comes up with the goods again, producing a streamer that will go right to the top of your wishlist

Our Verdict 

A stylish, feature-packed streamer that sounds great and is a joy to use

For Good

Impressive and enjoyable sound quality

Sleek design and high quality build

Excellent features and file support

Lovely to use


Nothing at this price

Reviewed on 4th June 2015

Cambridge Audio is back with a splash. The new CXN streamer – part of their new CX series launched earlier this year with an all-new design and improved sound – is a stonkingly good high-resolution network streamer for £700.

The Cambridge CXN streamer is built on the success of the Award-winning Stream Magic 6 v2 (also £700), but its fresh, modern design makes it feel like a complete overhaul.



But it’s the hugely enjoyable sonic performance that really singles the CXN out. It sounds fantastic. There’s an enthusiastic drive to the performance, combining subtlety, snappy timing and rich detail to deliver a sound that’s just wonderfully entertaining.

It’s a punchy sound that has a really good grasp of rhythm and low-end impact. We’ve seldom heard a Cambridge product sound so muscular. Basslines are meaty, textured and bound along happily to the lively sense of rhythm.

The stop and start of notes are precisely and snappily delivered, and there’s seemingly no end to the streamer’s energetic drive. The CXN is skilful at conveying the space between instruments, too, with Ghostpoet’s atmospheric X Marks The Spot filling the room with easy dynamics.


The sound isn’t overly smooth, but the Cambridge delivers a full-bodied performance that’s hugely pleasing to listen to. The CXN certainly doesn’t hold back from delivering the full impact of a song: the intensity of The Dead Weather’s brooding, screeching 60 Feet Tall is fully conveyed, while you’ll be blasted with the full force of Extreme’s funk-metal anthem Rest In Peace.

The admirably balanced tone in evidence on these samples never puts a foot out of place, either. Drums hit accurately, the bass digs deep, and the top end sparkles – but stops shy of sounding bright or coarse.

The midrange in particular sounds lovely, with voices fully fleshed out and packed with character. The streamer is not fussy with file type either, it sounds fluid and dynamic with high-resolution and Spotify-streamed tracks alike.


Avoid using AirPlay to stream. It simply doesn’t sound as solid and punchy as using a wired connection

The CXN is fully decked out with all the latest streaming features, so it’s crucial you have a stable network connection. You can connect to your home network via ethernet, but Cambridge does include a wi-fi antenna in the box if you prefer the flexibility of a wireless connection.

All you need to do is make sure your NAS drive, laptop or smartphone is connected to the same network, then press play. Setting up the network is swift, and we experienced no dropouts while streaming.

Apple users can stream songs stored on their devices using AirPlay, but we’re not too keen on the rather weedy sound quality that results.

There are plenty of connection options on the back panel

The front or back USB ports can charge your iDevice (or Android handset for that matter) but for playback, both inputs are only compatible with USB hard drives and memory sticks.

The CXN also features Spotify Connect and internet radio, so you have access to a few million songs from around the globe. File support is extensive: all the popular formats like WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC and MP3 are supported, as well as DSD 64 files (which you can only play using the back-panel USB input).

All digital inputs on the CXN are capable of playing high-resoluution files of up to 24-bit/192kHz, and they can be upsampled to 384kHz, too. That includes the USB type B input for your laptop, and the optical and coaxial inputs. There’s also a pair each of RCA and balanced XLR outputs, along with two digital outputs.

Build and design

We have to hand it to Cambridge Audio – the CXN is one classy-looking streamer. It’s a neat, modern construction that’s moved away from the more traditional looks of the previous Azur 351 and 651 components.

The ‘floating design’, the brushed aluminium chassis and the sleek finish (in either black or silver) look and feel premium quality. We have to give special mention to that volume dial. It has a smooth, perfectly weighted resistance, and the way the menu responds is delightful.

We also like how neat the front panel is, as it shows off the crisp and punchy display in all its glory. The 4.3in screen is packed with information but never looks cluttered. Track, artist, album and sampling rate are all displayed, as is album artwork in full colour.


You can choose between using the standard remote and the Connect app to select your songs

You can use the panel buttons to control playback and access the input menu, but using the included remote control (also redesigned) is far more intuitive.

We tend to use the remote interchangeably with the new-look Cambridge Connect app, as the app is more suited to scrolling and selecting lists of songs. There are some hiccups in operation, but it’s not enough to stop us from using the app.

Another masterstroke from Cambridge Audio is its ongoing policy of writing input labels upside down, which means you can easily read the inputs when you’re leaning over the unit.


It’s clear that a lot of thought and attention has gone into the Cambridge CXN. The functionality, design and ease of use are the best we’ve seen at this price, and the engaging, punchy sound is sure to win people over.

Those in the market for a streamer should really give this one a listen – and be prepared to put it at the top of their wishlist.

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